BKO offers a strategic process for naming brands and products. Let our creative team help your organization build the foundation of your branding strategy.

Brand Product, and Service Naming


  • Naming Strategy
  • Company naming
  • Product naming
  • Campaign naming
  • Service Naming
  • Descriptive taglines
  • NameStorms
  • Naming frameworks
  • Competitor research
  • Domain name registration
  • Naming architecture
  • Naming protocol
  • Internal and competitive name audits
  • Linguistic Checks + Screening
  • Brand Discovery
  • Tagline
  • Focus Groups
  • Visual Branding
  • Trademark Search
  • Domain Name Acquisition

What’s in a name? When it comes to branding and naming —everything. Your business name, tagline, and product name are an extension of your brand’s value proposition, culture, and story. At BKO, we help you think of and develop a name for your business—one that reflects your values, ideas, and personality.

We also know that the best brand names resonate with the people in your organization and your audience. Our goal is to partner with you through the process. We encourage our clients to take ownership of naming their brand— so your team is important in our process.

We investigate to learn about your business and use the acquired data with our proven brainstorming process. We carefully craft a curated list of possible names for your brand. Next, we ensure you can trademark it and it’s distinguishable. Finally, we present the list of names so you can pick the one that’s best for you.
Whether you’re a small startup or an enterprise corporation, we can help you find a name that attracts and engages your audience.

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When should I hire an agency for naming a company or product?

A catchy and distinct name is a crucial differentiator for any brand. Your brand name can build awareness and communicate meaning—this becomes apparent when you look at some of the biggest brands in the world. 

When you work with the BKO, you’re banking on our creative experience and expertise to increase your chances of coming up with a unique name that truly represents your brand or product. We also have the legal resources to prevent any confusion with other trademarks.
Coming up with a compelling brand name is a project that can sometimes require all hands on deck. By letting BKO take care of the job, you can save time and energy for more strategic aspects of your organization.

Why is a good brand name so important?

You should choose a brand name carefully because it’s the first interaction people have with your business. The name should be distinct, authentic, memorable, and resonate with your audience. Your brand is your reputation, so choose it well. If you need guidance, we use data-driven approaches to help you choose a brand name.

Can a brand name affect SEO?

A brand name affects how you get visitors on the internet and appear in Google’s search results. When you choose a good brand name, you can improve your chances of being found on search engines and displayed first on Google.

What are the attributes of a good name?

When you think of names like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks, you think of brands that evoke trust and impact. The same holds for products, with names like the iPhone, Kitchenaid, or Netflix becoming part of our daily lives.

However, what all these names have in common is that they’re easy to remember. A name that’s simple, easy to pronounce, and briefly describes your brand or product can help people remember it easily.

What are the factors behind choosing a brand name?

The naming process is difficult. You need a brand name that resonates with target customers and simultaneously brings in potential customers. We use a systematic process and data to create the perfect brand name for you.

There are nine simple steps. Choose a brand identity, make it unique and short, keep it simple, check trademarks, make it easy to read and say, think about the long term, avoid SEO issues, create a new word if possible, make it match your story.

How do I protect my business name?

There are many ways to do this, and we are versed in them all. Trademarks protect your business at the national level, but trademark law varies from country to country. The magic formula to protecting your name is also to get a domain name.

Can someone steal my business name?

Yes, but with legal advice, it’s easy to make sure that your name is safe. You need a paper trail and trademark. You can take a few more steps to ensure your business name is protected, and we can help you keep your name safe.

How do you check if a brand name is available?

You should check if the name you want to use is already trademarked. You should file for a trademark to keep the name safe and others from using it if it isn’t being used. Working together, we can help you choose a unique, protected name that people remember.

Do I need to trademark my company or product name?

Your brand name and product name are two of your company’s most valuable assets. Your name is not only a symbol, but it also directly affects how customers and partner organizations perceive you.

Trademarking your business or product name ensures that you have exclusive rights to use them with the business and offering specified in your registration. Registering your name also allows you to enforce your trademark in federal court.

What makes you different from other agencies?

BKO has a team of award-winning creatives and branding specialists who have years of combined experience working with small and medium-sized enterprises and established brands. We also have the resources to ensure that any names we recommend for your brand and product have been vetted to prevent confusion with other marks.

We believe in collaboration, open communication, and partnership. Because you have direct access to the team working on your brand, you’ll find our agency acts as an extension of your organization, working closely alongside your team.

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